Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Festivals in Sardinia: Cortes Apertas - Gadoni

Gadoni Sardinia Autunno in Barbagia
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to attend Cortes Apertas in the ancient mountain village of Gadoni. The festival also known as Autunno in Barbagia is an invitation to experience Sardinia’s Barbagia region – it’s rugged, imposing heart – my part of town.

Each weekend from September to December, one of 27 villages in the Province of Nuoro opens its doors to the public and shares its traditional food, craft and culture. Old homes and secret cantinas are opened for visitors to wander in.

The atmosphere was festive and welcoming. I saw these impeccable cookies that looked too perfect to eat, however that did not stop me. After one too many of those, we drifted into a narrow alley and peeked inside a small delicately lit home to find three near-centenarian ladies huddled around an iron bed telling stories of their village.

It was a lovely time and I highly recommend attending the gatherings. You will experience what community means and represents to a remote mountain town preparing for a long winter ahead. 

Intricate Sardinian Cookies Biscotti

Sardinian food ventor Gadoni

Is Fraccheras Gadoni Riti del Fuoco

Bonfire in Barbagia Sardinia

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